Monday, October 18, 2010


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The word today is 'ZOUAVE':

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    from Fr.,
    from Arabic Zwawa,
    from Berber Igawawaen,
    name of a Kabyle tribe in Algeria,
    from which the Fr. light infantry troops of that name were originally recruited in 1831.
    Today's word is ZOUAVE No points/votes. Clean, creative, courteous tweets. Have fun! #lqw

  2. Mustafa the reluctant zouave
    Thought he was ever so suave
    He wore a red sash
    And a great waxed moustache
    The sarge yelled "YOU HAVING A LAUGH?"

  3. There was a zouave from Italy
    who would not eat his spaghetti.
    He was sent to Russia
    to taste kulebiaka,
    and wished he was still in Asti.

  4. he's suave
    and a zouave
    and i wuv him.
    he's on stream
    i preen like a queen
    content to hug him
    even just in my dream

  5. 19ish said...

    The Zouave were so debonair
    they would dress up for battle with flair
    pantaloons colored red
    with a fez on their heads
    these French elite troops from Algier

  6. osmarjardim wrote:

    Zou-Ave Caesar morituri te salutant


    Salve César, os que estão a ponto de morrer saúdam você) #lqw

  7. I fell in love in Algeria
    and contracted malaria.
    A big fat mosquitoe
    disguised as an arrow.
    No zouave in the sick area.

  8. There once was an epicure Zouave
    Who cunningly blanched a kohlrabi:
    Said he "do not worry!
    I can always make curry
    If you find puree ridiculously snobby."

  9. Fouad goes to Limerick

    His jacket is blue, his fez is red
    His moustaches are sharp and he's good in bed
    The girls all decree
    And the boys all agree
    He's the suavest Zouave on the Med.

    See also:
    Fouad the Suave Zouav

  10. In the narrowest Tangiers souk
    Sits an old man reading a book
    At his side is a lute
    A loaf and some fruit -
    Actually, a guava which was given him by a zouave who from a barrow in the market he took

  11. a young zouave came home from battle upset
    he said his needs were unmet
    he wanted some lady to love
    instead he was handed a dove
    and told to forget the brunette.