Thursday, October 14, 2010


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The word today is 'REFLECTION':

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Enjoy the game!

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  1. 19ish reports:

    WOTD WRITERS WRAP: Loqwacious must be out looking for votes today for their re-lection. Writers reflect on just what this may mean. Apparently, typo troubles attack even the best of editors. Ribbing at 11:00. :)


    With the November election only a few weeks away concern plagues the political world as more and more 'reflection reflux' cases show up among the voting population. Symptoms include rejection of popular media and speech propaganda and a daily wise discharge of personal opinion.

    As reported by our very own Verity Chase politicians of all persuasions are raising funds to help find a vaccine for this untimely virus. At the time we go to press it remains uncertain whether these efforts will come to fruition before the world's end on December 32nd, 2012+.

  3. In response to @19ish:
    The Loqwacious Report: MAD DASH TO CORRECT TYPO.

    The Loqwacious editing department consisting of one overworked and crazy person apologizes for any inconvenience the re-lection typo may have caused.

    Missing a 'f' and adding a 'w' is indeed cause for reflection. ☺

  4. CNN Breaking News [now broken]

    San Jose Mine, Chile

    A global audience watched captivated as the rescue of trapped miners was underway in Chile. The rescue capsule went under a depth as tall as the empire estate building which is 381 meters.

    AS the world watched, it was revealed that there were actually 34 not 33 rescued miners as earlier reported.

    One miner was almost left behind. He is Mr. Osmarjardim, who informed that he hid to ensure that he was the last man out. He said, he wanted the limelight and longer TV coverage. He insinuated as well that he will be available to play himself for when their ordeal will be made into a movie. ;-)

  5. Police have issued an alert for residents to be on the lookout for a monster, believed to be the offspring of a vampire and a Gorgon.

    "Perseus slew the Gorgon by looking at her reflection, but this monster is half-vampire and has no reflection," bemoaned the police chief.

    "Maybe Medusa met Dracula at last year's Monster Mash, and they had a baby. You know how crazy those things can be!" exclaimed a man on the street.

    "How are we supposed to be on the 'lookout' for it?" complained a woman on the street. "If I see it, won't I turn into a pillar of salt or something?"

    Police do not know how to defeat this new monster. They are seeking advice from scientists, comic book collectors, and literary majors.

    Residents are advised to be wary of dark shadows and twilight.

  6. @perlygates


    The Supreme Court has held up, rather upheld, a lower court ruling that NATIONAL DAY OF NON-REFLECTION must be observed by the entire country. In a prepared statement to the press it was reported that the committee who drove this effort does not feel like talking about it, and neither should you.

  7. In response to Ysabeluna:


    It has been confirmed that the last miner -and maybe minor- to have been released from the Chilean pit is to star in the reality show 'Into the MIME'. It turns out that Mr. Jardim was instrumental in the well being of the trapped miners as he tweeted and retweeted silent encouragements to them. Johnny Depp had been tapped for the part but, upon reflection, the show's producer - John SuperCargo- after a historical round up, approached Mr. Jardim instead .

    The program is to air quietly in 69 days.

  8. Hey!

    Original idea was "My Majesty" tweetering from Chile. How come they did not yet take me out of this pit. So dark here. No charged batteries for Iphone.
    Better sing: "And now / The end is near / And so I face / The final dark wall / ...

  9. ROFLMAO (if that's the right acronym)

  10. 19ish reported:

    from the Twitterville Tattle: Osmar Needs Our Help!

    The latest reports from the Chilean mine field show a lone miner remains down in the deep. Osmar is in serious trouble now as rescue workers take a three day holiday. They were supposed to drop supplies down the hole for him, but everyone said, "that's not in my job description."

    Short on phone batteries and hair gel, Osmar is trying hard to be a brave little trooper, as he is forced to ration his supply of vegan jelly beans.

    We are in hope that all of our faithful readers will tweet words
    of encouragement to buoy his spirits until his ordeal is ended. Just tweet a reflection of your thoughts on how he will look in his new crown. That should help him survive!