Tuesday, October 26, 2010


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The word today is 'SPECTROSPHERE': Tuesday is "Rock the Thesaurus” day, and rocking we are. 'spectrosphere' is a Loqwacious exclusive which hasn't found its way into the dictionary yet. Make up new and daring definitions for it and talk about its origins (under comments on this blog).

Keep all entries clean, creative, and courteous.
Enjoy the game!

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  1. never cross
    the spectrosphere
    on halloween
    free spirits roaming
    may take you away with them

  2. In the spectrosphere
    the rainbow bends
    end to end creating
    an infinite whirl.
    Spin free of gravity
    in the colourspace,
    through infra-red
    through the visual spectrum
    through ultraviolet
    and back again.

  3. Every year, on Halloween night, I sit quietly in the graveyard, waiting....

    First, there is a low moan, sounding almost like faraway wind. Then another moan joins in, and another, and another.

    Soon, I see ghosts slowly rising up from beneath nearby headstones. The air fills with spectres of all kinds, and they congregate overhead in a great roiling mob. They fly in circles around a common center, moving in all directions, forming a ghostly glowing orb.

    As they move faster and faster, their wailing shrieks grow louder. I'm about to cover my ears, when the spectrosphere suddenly explodes! Ghosts shoot off in all directions to haunt the countryside and the town.

    As their moans and shrieks fade in the distance, I know it's going to be an eventful Halloween...