Thursday, October 7, 2010


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The word today is 'EXCALIBUR': wikipedia

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  1. from @haggisnl
    "Health inspectors visited Arthur the dentist, after repeated patient complaints about him shouting "Excalibur!" while extracting teeth."

    from @dsceiorg
    "Divaricate thee / I shall raise Excalibur / And smite thee in half"


    In a candid interview today, King Arthur was asked about the origins of his famed sword Excalibur.

    "I don't know what all the fuss is about. I was at a Roman market and saw some swords of various sizes," explained Arthur. "I hefted one of the swords and liked its weight and balance. The sign on the bin said 'SIZE: X CALIBER", so I've always called it my X caliber sword."

    In a short press release, Lady Guinevere had this to say: "Arthur's gotten a bit daft in his old age."

    William of Ockham opined, "Which makes more sense? Did he buy it at the market, or did a mysterious underwater woman give it to him? All things being equal, the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. Hey, I ought to write that down!"

    The Lady of the Lake could not be reached for comment.

  3. was this from the new york times? (if not it should have been!) very funny!!


    The famous American supplier of finely milled flours is launching a brand new white wheat mix called EXCALIBUR.

    A undisclosed source confirms that this flawless flour is the product of an exclusive state-of-the-art grinding process involving extra sharp blades and operating from a previously abandoned plant in Boulder-by-the-Lake.

    Our correspondant has so far been unable to identify the precise location of the ol'factory, despite the precious help of his dog, Merlin.

  5. Laughing and coughing and choking and laughing again.

  6. I wish there was a way to edit a comment after it's been posted! I'm missing the 'n' in 'An'. If anyone knows how to do it, please tell me. ☺

  7. A comment has been obtained from The Lady of the Lake. "Well it was only by chance that I caught Excalibur. I was washing my hair and I thought 'There's something I'm supposed to do today.' I went to my 5,000 year diary and sure enough there it was - CATCH EXCALIBUR written in big letters with an indelible pencil. I wasn't dressed so I just shot my arm up out of the water. In the nick of time as it happens."


    Calibur is a Lemurian word. I remember the meaning: xeriff. Every two years we would gather for the election of the new xeriff, I mean, the new calibur. The one leaving was called ex-calibur. As time went by ex-calibur became excalibur. Simple, isn´t it?

  9. And then 19ish added:

    THIS JUST IN! The ol'factory was sniffed out this evening by a strange young man named Pinocchio. (It is believed his unusual proboscis helped him rise to the task.) He told his mother the flour mill was just yeast of the mountains.

    In the time it takes to bake a cake, a good measure of women began stirring around the pool. They demanded to buy large baggies of the fine, white powder, which had begun to crystallize by now.

    The Lady of the Lake was pleased to act as hostess for the impromptu event. She wielded Excalibur expertly, preparing lines of the misty milled 'flour' for the ladies to sample.

    As this reporter was about to sniff out a taste, sirens were heard in the distance...