Monday, October 25, 2010


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The word today is 'WOOLGATHERING':

Looking for a challenge? Monday is "Limerick” day.

Keep all entries clean, creative, and courteous.
Enjoy the game!

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  1. woolgathering
    is my thing
    keeps my sanity
    in life's oddity

  2. Woolgathering guys in New York
    Were known for their daydreaming talk
    Eyes open, they'd sleep
    No need to count sheep
    And they much preferred rabbit to pork

    (*rabbit = Cockney slang for chattering endlessly about nothing much)

  3. her daily cleanse was woolgathering
    about this she didn't stop blathering
    she told person A
    she told person B
    and now
    her mouth is just lathering

  4. There once was a man of the cloth
    Whose sermons included much froth
    "Cease your woolgathering daze!
    Start your woolgathering days!
    My vestments were eaten by moths!"

  5. There was once a prince from Asia
    who indulged in a fantasia.
    no more work nor ruling
    just nice woolgathering
    making love with Anastasia.

  6. 19ish said...

    There once was a gathering of wool
    In a meadow up high on a knoll
    The spinners did dream
    While the wool they did glean
    And forgot to beware of the bull!

  7. Once upon a time
    Looooooooong time ago,
    wool would socialize
    after leaving jobs
    and before going homes.
    Auld woolgathering days!

  8. Woolgathering by the river
    Suddenly, quite a deep shiver
    a sheep is wandering
    looking for the gold string
    that turns him into a sweater.

    Makes no sense...O well...:)

  9. Once was a woolgatherer from Greece;
    on whom they had to call the police.
    The sheep it was clear, he was hired to shear;
    But it was we who he finally did fleece.