Wednesday, October 20, 2010


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The word today is 'SPECTRAL':

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Enjoy the game!

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  1. it was one summer night
    i experienced this sudden fright
    along the beach under moonlight
    i saw some spectral sight
    i ran with all my might ...

  2. Long shadows howling in that light. The glacial presence of a silent breeze. Spectral figures dancing wildly. I stopped and turned around, mesmerized more than frightened now. The scene called to me...

  3. On that austral beach
    under the lustral moon
    warm blew the mistral wind
    yet still that spectral loon
    by my dextral side
    followed …

  4. Oh damn! Maryse, you beat me to it

  5. "Dance with us" the shadows urged in tones sepulchral. "Forget the harsh sun of daylight, embrace our night" Oh the music haunting, insinuating. Cold bone hands seized my wrists, locked into a rigid parody of partnership. And we danced, my spectral beau and I.....

  6. ...under the limpid white moonlight, where a milky halo enshrouded the sun's spectral partner. A strange tango on the ground, as crickets provided the eerie orchestra's string section, the wind on the trees provided the woodwind, and the percussion was my partners hipbone, connected to the legbone. While up in the sky was mirrored a celestial dance as bats flitted in and out of the moon's aura and stars danced their eternal themes around and around.

  7. 19ish said:

    From a corner of my mind's eye, I thought I saw a new light. It was just a hint of light, at first, then steadily, it brightened. Could it be a will o' the wisp? I didn't trust my perception of reality by now - so many eerie events were transpiring tonight!

    Deliberately, it seemed, the spectral glow was taunting me with its movements. Oh! Why can't I awaken from this nightmare? It is just a nightmare, isn't it?