Monday, October 11, 2010


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The word today is 'ZANY':

Looking for a challenge? Monday is "Limerick” day.

Keep all entries clean, creative, and courteous.
Enjoy the game!

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  1. there once was a girl named Zaney
    she was the type
    who was very complainey
    she didn't like this
    she didn't like that
    she'll never be known as Ms Brainy.

  2. There once was a very strange girl
    who told tales that made your toes curl.
    She was never zany,
    for the season's spooky.
    Halloween is a ghostly whirl.

  3. In zany we all ought to trust
    For life "off the wall" is a must
    But don't take my word
    Go drown in absurd
    Until you're completely nonplussed

  4. A man who got hit by a train
    Never played word games again
    He grew quite obsessed
    With "who's done the best?"
    And crowns were his zany refrain

  5. i remember this guy
    they called Zany
    often cool
    like a fool
    but he's liked for
    his wit & he is funny

  6. There was a young girl named Janey
    Everyone thought she was zany
    She hung upside down
    All over the town
    Especially when it was rainy

  7. There once was girl so zany
    Hailed from a place rainy
    flibbertigibbet she
    kind folks called her "artsy"
    transformed from zany to brainy

  8. how 'bout that girl named Anonymous
    as smart as a fat hippopotamus
    she think she is brainy
    with fun oh so zany
    but really I think they're synonymous.

  9. There was was a girl so zany
    Hailed from a place rainy
    In her first line missed "a"
    Slapped her head and said "duh"
    Now, not feeling all that brainy ;)

  10. there once was a zany woman
    I think I can, I think I can
    be hippopotamus
    behind anonymous
    bring home bacon, fry up in pan

  11. There once was a cat from Kilkenny
    Who stop and fight for a penny
    He had a zany right hook
    With his claw held like crook
    Leaving pusses with scratches so many

  12. In a zany small town by the sea
    I was sipping a fine white chablis
    Then a unicorn spoke
    Cleared his throat, told a joke
    In a zany small town by the sea

  13. Paul - you've followed the Edward Lear tradition of repeating the first and last lines! Cool.

  14. In a Zany morning
    The zun was shining.
    I bet a capuccino
    If anyone says the meaning
    erinaceous, lamprophony, inaniloquent, mungo, pronk, pulveratricious, rastaquouere, scopperloit or selcouth
    Without checking a dictionary.
    In a zany morning.
    (Tks TiddK and Edward Lear (nice to meet you)

  15. 19ish said: (Thanks for inspiration, Paul)

    In a zany small town by the sea
    He RTd her, repetitively,
    She thought him a stalker
    He just loved her talker
    And followed her as a Twittee.

  16. Hehe, lots of good lims here. This is a response to Charm47's:

    There once was a bloke named Delaney
    Who during dates would act zany
    One lass was embarrassed
    When he jumped off a terrace
    But that was how he met Janey