Monday, August 27, 2012

Week of 08/27/2012:

Include the word of the day in one of the following prompts. All 140+ entries are welcome.
Post them under 'comments' and let your friends know on Twitter.

ACROSTIC FLICK:  Make the first letter of each word or sentence of your post spell out today's #lqw word.

LOONY LETTERS: Write a silly letter to the person of your choice, real or fictional, dead or alive.

LUDICROUS LYRICS: Pick a song and re-write the lyrics to include the word of the day and make us laugh.

More prompts are described on the right hand side of the page under 'Daily themes'. Feel free to use any of them or add your own.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dear Eloqwatti,

Now's the time to bring the blog back.

A few prompts will be posted once a week (every Monday). Feel free to use them and/or to come up with your own. All 140+ entries are welcome as long as they include the word of the day.

And remember to tweet about your post so that other players know to come to the blog to read it.

Have tons of fun...clean, creative, and courteous. :)