Friday, April 8, 2011


The word today is 'HADES' :
Last Labor

Looking for a challenge? Today is LIMERICK day!

Keep all entries clean, creative, and courteous.
Enjoy the game!

PS: We welcome all suggestions and comments. Just go to the 'suggestions' page and let us know what you think. For information on how to play the game, please refer to the 'Be Loqwacious' page. Thank you


  1. she's Mercedes
    one of the ladies
    from the hades
    with long hair that cascades
    as they parade
    and engage
    in charades
    through palisades
    along arcades

  2. There once was a lad named Cady
    Who ended up in Hades
    For he knew full well
    He was going to hell
    Cause his character was rather shady

  3. Deep down in the bowels of Hades
    Are your friends, and also Slim Shady's
    It's a bum rap for sure
    Doing time evermore
    Eternal hip hop - there's no "Ladies"!

  4. In Hades I hear that it's hot
    And people are tortured a lot
    Yet that I could bear
    If French fries were there
    By golly, they do hit the spot!

  5. When Hades met Persephone
    He thought, 'she's hot and not phony'
    I'm gonna marry her
    friend, husband, and lover.
    She makes me melt like sweet honey.

  6. There once was a shade in Hades
    Who pursued long dead ladies
    He would do in hurry
    To avoid the Fury
    And being return to Gades

  7. Pluto also known as Hades
    Had quite a way with the ladies
    As Persephone found
    While she was underground
    And read the diary that used to be Sadie's

  8. There was a preacher from Texas
    Who would rant as if he had rabies
    He preached for so long
    With a voice oh so strong
    His flock was already in Hades