Saturday, April 2, 2011


Today's word is CRETIN:
Hercules' 7th labor

Looking for a challenge? Try 'Mad Mutations': Write an entry and watch as your fellow players help it mutate from post to post.

Keep all entries clean, creative, and courteous.

Enjoy the game!

PS: We welcome all suggestions and comments. Just go to the 'suggestions' page and let us know what you think. For information on how to play the game, please refer to the 'Be Loqwacious'. Thank you.


  1. The creative Cretans were no cretins..
    lithe and sleek youths leap
    over charging bulls
    watched by dark-eyed beauties
    their hair in curled ringlets
    as the Minotaur
    lurks deep below

  2. No cretin Cretans
    Athenians leap into the Labyrinth
    To meet the charging Minotaur
    His bull-head adorn with ringlets
    When will Theseus come

  3. Creative cretins are not Cretan
    They are young geeks who reap
    the fruit of all the bull they plant.
    Dark-eyed beauties prefer
    the golden hair
    of Heracles
    as the Minotaur yawns
    and takes a nap.

  4. Cretan create cretins
    Athenians will reap the Labyrinth
    Yawning, the Minotaur charges
    His dark-eyed bull-head planted with ringlets
    But golden hair Theseus will come
    The Minotaur will take a dirt nap