Thursday, December 16, 2010


The word today is 'EEYORE':

Looking for a challenge? Thursday is for Nutty Newspapers: Come up with catchy newspaper headlines using today's word (and/or write brief news reports on this blog)

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Enjoy the game!

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  1. Breaking News : Lost and Found

    ~ eeyore ~
    ~ is not fiction ~
    ~ to me ~
    ~ he's in my bed ~
    ~ he keeps me company ~
    ~ i lost him once ~
    ~ i'll make sure ~
    ~ he stays with me ~
    ~ though he's not Marc Anthony ~

    Your reporter : @Ysabeluna


    Eeyore Hires Top Lawyer To Get Compensation And Redress

    "But I won't win, of course", he tells our correspondent, Don Key. "I never do. Ask Christopher Robin. He'll tell you. So would Pooh but he's probably too busy eating to talk to you. And Piglet, if you can get him to stop bouncing and squeaking. And Rabbit, if you can actually find him... ... I'm not sure why I bother. In fact, I probably won't. Bother, that is. Or win.

    "Happy Christmas. If that's what it is. No-one has bothered to come and tell me. They're too busy shopping. And singing. And eating. I don't know why they bother. It's the same every year."

  3. Weather Daily: Ginette demands sunny skies!

    @gardencomet is tired of Eeyore skies and demands sunshine and laughter for Christmas.
    She's already burned the famous A.A. Milne books to get some heat going in the house and no one knows how far she will go to clear the ceiling.

    Protesting neighbors have started a round the clock game of 'pin the tale on the donkey'. They take turns telling Winnie-the-Pooh stories to their sobbing children. The adventures of Eeyore and Piglet will go on no matter what.

    Tourists have flocked to the site to witness Ms. Gardencomet's meteorological powers. A clear cky would signal deep trouble for books accross the UK.

  4. Great post Wifsie. It would even make Eeyore smile :-)

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  6. Classified Ad Columns

    Discount Tickets!!
    Chirstmas concert by Eeyore -YO Ma!!
    Gloomy tunes never fail you!