Thursday, December 9, 2010


The word today is 'BAUBLES':

Looking for a challenge? Thursday is for Nutty Newspapers: Come up with catchy newspaper headlines using today's word (and/or write brief news reports on this blog)

Keep all entries clean, creative, and courteous.
Enjoy the game!

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  1. Breaking News : Osmar is Breaking

    @osmarjardim 3 wins @artwiculate

    Barely a year after winning three crowns, osmar's favorite with baubles couldn't be found.

    He is breaking , breaking , breaking & put up a cash reward of USD 500,000.

    This reporter is wondering why doesn't he just purchase one with real blings not just baubles.

    Your Naughty Reporter

  2. The Loqwacious Express: Baubles tweet from North Korea!

    It is now confirmed that Kim Jong Il himself has been tweeting about baubles. He has declared that all items except his platform shoes are to be treated as irrelevant, food in particular. Who needs to eat when they can have the most elevated regime on the planet?

    It is unfortunate that no one informed the North Korean ruler of the '#lqw' hashtag. This is no bauble in this game.

    If you are hungry for more information please contact our reporter directly: @marcosarroyos.

  3. Loquacious Times: No More Baubles!

    Recently, M.A. Joker, who is currently employed as court jester, has made a request to the king. He is quoted as saying," I simply cannot live on baubles, I want gold." The king's reaction is not known at this time, but according to a close source, baubles are considered proper payment for services rendered. Perhaps the jester is a fool after all...

  4. The Workers' Committee of the 23 district of the Pyongang province have declared Loqwacious the Blog to be anti-Juche in its tendencies. All praise to our Dear Leader for pointing out these errors of working-class consciousness. We will now continue the struggle for the Juche idea under the slogan "The Great People of North Korea turn their revolutionary backs on Locqwacious, the lap dog of the capitalist murderers of American hegemony. We salute the Juche idea of our Great Leader and his son our Dear Leader."


    The well-known Invisible Train, which has been (not) seen plying the route between Artwiculate and Utopia, was recently enlarged by the addition of a mysterious sealed wagon marked BAUBLES.

    This precipitated an attack by a gang of mad Axemen, who forced the train to a stop in a classic Wild Western-style hold-up, and compelled the driver to break open the mystery wagon.

    Imagine the shock as a whole consignment of invisible crowns was found, each one made of finest Fools' Gold. "There!" cried the gang. "We TOLD you." Baffled townspeople looked on, while a few surreptitiously phoned for psychiatrists to attend.

  6. Jester’s Bauble Stolen

    The Kingdom of Roranrol, The Day After the Music Died

    It was reported that the Jester of RocanRol had his prized bauble purloined. Although the royal guard have no suspects, an unnamed source suggested that it might be retaliation for when the Jester stole the King’s crown yesterday. The king was so upset he had all the royal musician killed.

    Follow this website for more updates.

  7. Hello. Emil Litella here. What's this talk I hear about bubbles being worthless? Bubbles are a lot of fun! Why, when I was little, I remember spending hours in the backyard trying to blow bubbles. I would dip that little plastic stick with the rings on the ends into that plastic bottle and blow bubbles into the wind and run around trying to pop them before the wind blew them away. Sometimes I would see them blow over the fence into mean Mr. Jones' yard and pop right on his nasty old dog's nose.

    What? Baubles? Oh. Never mind.

  8. Formal press release from Queen Elizabeth (just call me Liz):

    We have been hearing malicious lies & slander in regard to the alleged disposal of our court musicians. Our royal we-ness wishes to put an end to such wild speculations and gossip.

    The court musicians died in an airoplane crash. We, the royal family, had absolutely no hand in this crash. Our royal mechanics had carefully inspected and loosened, I mean tightened, every nut & bold on that plane prior to takeoff.

    As for that scoundrel, the Jester, well, he can keep the thorny crown he stole. It was just a tin fake, covered with baubles. I hot-glued them onto the crown myself. (I do enjoy crafting now & then.)

    The King keeps his real crown with real baubles locked up in the counting house, where we count all our money, thrice weekly.

    So there!