Monday, June 6, 2011


The word today is KUSTARD:

Looking for a challenge? Thursday is for Nutty Newspapers: Come up with catchy newspaper headlines using today's word (and/or write brief news reports on this blog)

Keep all entries clean, creative, and courteous.
Enjoy the game!

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  1. NO Kustard, No Baseball

    Due to the recent ban of condiments such as kustard, baseball players have decided to strike. "It's just un-American," the players stated. According to the top dog, the ban was placed because players were sneaking the all beef weiners while on the bench, resulting in kustard stains on their uniforms, which is "totally unprofessional." Hopefully this issue will be resolved before the official games are due to begin.

    Your reporter,
    Frank Furter

  2. Summery Kustard Vacay in KopaKabana Beach

    The Eloquatti took on the invite of
    Osmarjardim for a summer vacay in lovely

    His requirement is for all ladies to bring their two-piece kustard polkadot bikini , de riguer in
    Kopakabana beach.

    Osmar here we come ...


    In an unprecedented judgment the Village Court of Little Beanstalk has cut the mustard and
    ordered the ketchup giant to pay damages to the Lady Custard long time resident of the sweet hamlet nestled in the Kandyland hills.

    From your trusted reporter,

    Vanilla sKye Light

  4. Kustard Klown Komfounds Kops

    The fifth fast-food establishment, this time MkDonalds of Dijup, has found it ketchup and mustard packets stolen and replaced with kustard packets.

    Cutter Heinz, the manager of MkDonalds, says "These packets are useless. None of customer will use them and what if there is something in them beside kustard, like poison. We can't take a chance."

    Chief Orschradis, when asked, if the police had any clues to the identity, replied "We don't have one. This is really a pickle."

    Indeed, not a pickle this reporter would relish.

    Your intrepid reporter,
    Bernie Hollandais

  5. Apple Cooks Up A Surprise

    After telling the world about iOS 5, OS X Lion, and iCloud, Steve Jobs said "One more thing..."

    Jobs continued, "Don't we all hate the boring toppings on our hot dogs, hamburgers, and french fries? Ketchup, mustard, salsa, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onions are so last millennium. With Apple's new iToppings, you can create the toppings YOU want!"

    "Now you can have kustard, ketchonaise, salsions, mayocheese, or mustuce. Just point your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad at the ingredients, and with one swipe of your finger, the device will emit enough ionizing radiation to fuse the ingredients into your tasty iTopping." said Jobs.

    "They best part is that it's FREE." he declared.

    Apparently, a lead-lined apron is optional, at $29.99.