Friday, June 10, 2011


The word today is FUNAMBULIST:

Looking for a challenge? 'Encore from Before'. Post an entry using as many old LQW words as you see fit. Can't remember? Scroll down Memory Lane on the left hand side of the main blog page or follow this link: flipcard

Keep all entries clean, creative, and courteous.
Enjoy the game!

PS: We welcome all suggestions and comments. Just go to the 'suggestions' page and let us know what you think. For information on how to play the game, please refer to the 'Be Loqwacious' page. Thank you.


  1. One Funambulist
    Swankified Flaneur Woos heights
    Cavorting the Span

  2. A Random Poem

    Eating Salmagundi, except for one
    whose kogitate day has just begun
    a small snack-a plum
    for cramps and practice are never modicum
    Meditate too, to erase any rankle
    stretches and exercises good for the ankle
    lots of fluids the mentors fuss
    not a good time to be anhydrous
    On show day she must have confidence
    No reason or need to be diffidant
    Up on the tightrope she must mantle any fears
    The audience reciprocates with continued cheers
    In her profession, she must be a perfectionist
    Such is the goal of every funambulist

  3. The FUNAMBULIST BUSKERS happily while a GAMINE SUSPECTS some SCHMEGEGGE. Poor EXEMPLUM to say the least! The NUGACITY of the would be TERPSICHORE is ORGILLOUS but to BRABBLE about it would only INTERDIGITATE the dancer's feet and PROMULGATE an ERRATIC EXECUTION. Better to OSCULATE with a few NOCEURS and and PARTY all PICARESQUE night long.

  4. A crazy young funambulist
    Across Niagara Falls
    Set out, without a safety net
    But with his dark brown smalls

    Alas - subtract 'Niagara'
    You're only left with 'falls'
    They called for a funambulance
    But only The Reaper calls

    The moral of this story
    Is very clear to see
    To be a tight rope walker
    Prepare to R.I.P.

  5. One gavel left behind by Judge Funambulist, a mute witness to a fanfaronade rankle for an oblique lucullan kustard summery holiday in June.