Monday, June 20, 2011


The word today is FREESIA:

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    Climate Change Blamed

    by Harry Kane, our weather correspondent

    The current cold snap is all set to become a big freesia, with long term rhododendrons, sudden azaleas, and daisies "as big as golf balls". The floral downpour is blamed on climate change. Or possibly clematis change. Scientists and botanists are presently engaging in a war of words in a bid to know where to apportion stems.

  2. BREAKING ...

    The artwicullati are breaking in view of the absence of their Doyen KingOsmar Freesia.

    No more funny sometimes absurd tweets to make our day.

    There is a search party to locate him and provide 24 hour free internet service just so he won't miss tweeting.

    Your Sad Correspondent
    Ysa Belle Luna


    "No more freebies", declared Queen Elizabeth at the Chelsea Flower Show. "I want to remain the rose in the world bouquet of richest flowers!Irises are now werises as the people of Great Britain rise to the occasion and pay their higher taxes. Freesias are now dearsias and not because we like them so much."

    "This is a royal pain in the neck", commented Daisy Penny. "Yes, Her Majesty should come down her high horse and smell the humus!", added her friend Summer Hose. "Let's hope the queen mum freesus. "

  4. Freesia Fireworks gets Fourth of July Contract

    Hephalump, AR; Freesia Fireworks has gained for here the contract for this year fireworks exhibit over Iris Park for Independence Day. Freesia firework is famous for their reproduction of flowers with their firework display.

    Ichabod Periwinkle, owner of Freesia, says, "This is a great opportunity for us. We will be putting the fireworks together with accompanying music from WOMP FM. We will be introducing some new effects this year also."

    This reporter is being kept mum on what to expect, but looks forward to the display.

    Your reporter, Petunia Heliotrope