Wednesday, March 2, 2011


The word today is 'PROLIX' :

Looking for a challenge? Tell us a Mad, Crazy Short Short Story.

Keep all entries clean, creative, and courteous.
Enjoy the game!

PS: We welcome all suggestions and comments. Just go to the 'suggestions' page and let us know what you think. For information on how to play the game, please refer to the 'Be Loqwacious' page. Thank you.


  1. James Joyce Finnegan awoke and looked in his mirror gloomily. "I cannot believe that reviewer of my latest soul's outpourings. Describing me as prolix. Me! Prolix. As if. All I ever do is answer the pressing insistence of my Muse when she comes calling. Then I simply dictate onto the page what she whispers in my ear, neither one word more nor one word less. Prolix indeed. As if *I* would simply go on and on and on at great length about something trivial when all I'm doing is responding to the urges of my Muse. Blame *her* if you like, it's her words on my pages, after all. But don't blame me. I'm just a poor, humble writer trying to earn a living in this time, in this culturally poverty-stricken age. Did they say the same about Swift? I think not! Will they say the same about Behan? I should hope not. But then, what do reviewers know anyway - are they prone to moments of genius? No, never. Just frustrated writers that's all they are. Wearing a mantle of bitterness to disguise the fact that they are not visited by the Muse. Well, I can tell them - and you - it's not a burden to wear lightly. Day or night she can come a-calling, and you never know when exactly. And whatever you're doing, even sleeping, you must drop it in a flash and answer her call, as once rejected she may never come and call again. Prolix indeed..."

    J.J.F. failed to notice that his mirror had gone to sleep and was now snoring gently.

  2. Prolifix and Prolix were twin brothers separated at birth and born to a proud mother, Acoustix, and a hard working father named Juridix. No one could ever understand what happened to the infant Prolix. One second he was in his cribx, the next, he was gone. Until the famous detective Phlegmatix got on the case. He searched the whole village of Eclectix and found, among a pile of debrix. Returned safely to his parents the child and his sibling thrived and became known as the famous pair, Kathy Lee and Regix.

    [my thanks to Marcos who introduced the Asterix/Prolix theme on Twitter today]

  3. TiddK-X didn´t-x exactly-x say-x but-x certainly-x thought-x:

    James-x Joyce-x Finnegan-x awoke-x and-x looked-x in-x his-x mirror-x gloomily-x. "I-x cannot-x believe-x that-x reviewer-x of-x my-x latest-x soul's-x outpourings-x. Describing-x me-x as-x prolix-x. Me-x! Prolix-x. As-x if-x. All-x I-x ever-x do-x is-x answer-x the-x pressing-x insistence-x of-x my-x Muse-x when-x she-x comes-x calling-x. Then-x I-x simply-x dictate-x onto-x the-x page-x what-x she-x whispers-x in-x my-x ear-x, neither-x one-x word-x more-x nor-x one-x word-x less-x. Prolix-x indeed-x. As-x if-x *I-x* would-x simply-x go-x on-x and-x on-x and-x on-x at-x great-x length-x about-x something-x trivial-x when-x all-x I'm-x doing-x is-x responding-x to-x the-x urges-x of-x my-x Muse-x. Blame-x *her-x* if-x you-x like-x, it's-x her-x words-x on-x my-x pages-x, after-x all-x. But-x don't-x blame-x me-x. I'm-x just-x a-x poor-x, humble-x writer-x trying-x to-x earn-x a-x living-x in-x this-x time-x, in-x this-x culturally-x poverty-x-stricken-x age-x. Did-x they-x say-x the-x same-x about-x Swift-x? I-x think-x not-x! Will-x they-x say-x the-x same-x about-x Behan-x? I-x should-x hope-x not-x. But-x then-x, what-x do-x reviewers-x know-x anyway-x - are-x they-x prone-x to-x moments-x of-x genius-x? No-x, never-x. Just-x frustrated-x writers-x that's-x all-x they-x are-x. Wearing-x a-x mantle-x of-x bitterness-x to-x disguise-x the-x fact-x that-x they-x are-x not-x visited-x by-x the-x Muse-x. Well-x, I-x can-x tell-x them-x - and-x you-x - it's-x not-x a-x burden-x to-x wear-x lightly-x. Day-x or-x night-x she-x can-x come-x a-x-calling-x, and-x you-x never-x know-x when-x exactly-x. And-x whatever-x you're-x doing-x, even-x sleeping-x, you-x must-x drop-x it-x in-x a-x flash-x and-x answer-x her-x call-x, as-x once-x rejected-x she-x may-x never-x come-x and-x call-x again-x. Prolix-x indeed-x..."

    J-x.J-x.F-x. failed-x to-x notice-x that-x his-x mirror-x had-x gone-x to-x sleep-x and-x was-x now-x snoring-x gently-x.-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x