Sunday, January 16, 2011


The word today is 'INFUNDIBULUM': webster-dictionary

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  1. "Where are we, Spock?"

    "We're in the central cavity in the Ctenophora, Captain"

    "Can you say that again, in one word please, Spock"

    "Infundibulum, Captain"

    "In the what?"

    "Gastric sac, Captain. Also known as 'stomach'"

    "Oh, you mean it's time for lunch, Spock?"

    "No, Captain. We ARE lunch".


    Somewhere on a spiral in space between
    our Sun and Betelgeuse, a man and his
    dog wash up as wave phenomena, now
    on this planet now that, shipwrecked as it
    were, though briefly. Seemingly there, but just
    projected as a probability.

    They are caught in a chrono-synclastic
    infundibulum, a place where all truths
    are reconciled, all interpretations
    of the real (even those that profundly
    contradict one another) are equal.

    In this state, the man chooses to create
    a religion that posits a creator-
    god indifferent to his creation.

    (Apologies to Kurt Vonnegut Jr 1922-2007, author of *The Sirens of Titan*)

  3. infundibulum

    I think I shall never see, old chum.
    A poet as lovely as an infundibulum
    A bridge between organs interne
    Joined as one for time eterne;
    A funnel that God for a reason
    To function until it’s three hundredth season;
    Messages sent back forth in succession
    Faster than Washington’s enemies Hessian;
    On such flimsy tissues of humanity
    Less talented the Soleil’s Zumanity
    But what am I besotted by rum
    Writing poems about an infundibulum

    (With no apologies to Joyce Kilmer)