Thursday, January 13, 2011


The word today is 'FERRET':

Looking for a challenge? Thursday is for Nutty Newspapers: Come up with catchy newspaper headlines using today's word (and/or write brief news reports on this blog)

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  1. Broken News: WHY WHY WHY @artwiculate?

    The Artwiculatti community has an undisclosed cash pot for who could ferret from @artwiculate the LIST of legitimate winners in the past two days WOTD competition. The Board is blank.

    Everyone wonders why no disclosures to date, our cats smell something fishy ? Is it salmon or sashimi? [tip: if you have time go to each regular players profile you can draw up the undisclosed winners list].

    Your Naughty News Reporter

  2. Emperor David's Ferrets Sighted in King Osmar's Pants

    Perennial Emperor David I (and now ∞)'s ferret were discovered to have escaped their royal enclosure. A quick search of the royal quarter's did not find them.

    Later when something moving was spied in King Osmar's pant, the ferret were discovered inside. When asked how they got there, the King responded "I never have any idea how anything ends up in my pants."

    The investigation continues.

    Your reporter, Musty Lidae


    Then Bites Voters When Results Not Announced

    by Wiesel Stote, our Wildlife Correspondent


    Astronomers voted today to create an 89th constellation. Named Furittus (the Ferret), the new starry figure is made of faint stars between Leo, Virgo, Sextans, and Crater.

    Ferittus was created for a specific reason, say astronomers. For years, they have searched for the so-called Planet X. Once thought to be Pluto, then Eris, astronomers would like to find it once and for all.

    "What better way to ferret out Planet X than to put a ferret in the sky?" says one astronomer.

    The new constellation is located on the celestial equator to reach the entire sky easily. "We were going to turn the northern circumpolar constellation Ursa Minor into a polecat, but then we wouldn't be able to search the southern sky."

    The Celestial Hunters Local Union 88 issued a statement objecting to the new constellation: "We already have Orion's two hunting dogs and Canes Venatici. This is an infringement on their livelihood!"

    Some constellation reactions:

    Lynx: "If there were a Planet X, I would have seen it with my excellent eyesight already."

    Andromeda: "Can ferrets chew through chains?"

    Crater: "I hope he's friendly - he can sleep in my bowl!"

    Serpens: "As long as he stays away from me!"

    Lepus: "What Serpens said!"

    Virgo: "Why does that smelly little rodent have to be next to me! *sob*"

    Telescopium could not be reached for comment.


    Our forefathers recognised that all people are created equally in need of personal defense against the physical attack of others. That's why the right to carry a ferret is enshrined in the Constitution.

    Don't allow the tragic events of recent days to give versimilitude to the calls by lilly-livered liberals for a ferret ban!

    Last week's savage attack was perpetrated by one deranged individual who egged his ferret on to violence it would never naturally commit. Don't blame the ferret! If you must blame someone, blame the owner.

    Besides, if the crowd of so-called "victims" had lived up to their constitutional obligations and each carried his or her own ferret, who knows whether we would be discussing this issue at all?

    Remember, a ferret in your arms is your last, best defence against other people with ferrets.

    F. Ferdy

    (This article was paid for by: Ferret Fanciers of America; The National Ferret Association; Ferrets for Tea)