Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The word today is 'ERRATIC':

Looking for a challenge? Wednesday proudly presents "Tail Me". Pick up where the last entry left off and continue the story. We'll have a publishable novel by the end of the day!

Keep all entries clean, creative, and courteous.
Enjoy the game!

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  1. Erratic snowfall
    Mortimer watched forlornly
    His window frosted

  2. Would the plow come soon
    -Erratic truck in the storm-
    and ruin this sight?

  3. ... the frost seem to cause,
    his erratic behavior,
    as he pranced & danced ...

  4. Mother watching her son
    Homebound in erratic dance
    "A plow come by chance"

  5. And here it is now
    erratic roar in the mist
    lest it missed a spot...

  6. Otherwise it could be problematic
    No good to be sporadic or erratic
    Come on plow, it's time to go to the dance now...

  7. As Mortimer danced
    the plough followed his steps,
    cutting an erratic passage.
    Only for the cars that followed
    automatic in light fantastic.

  8. Tango, waltz, or rock?
    BAM! The plow hits a boulder!
    Is it broken or...

  9. it all in a dream?

    I cannot answer. As I survey the wrecked plough, a refrain sings in my head ...

    "My memories are locked away
    They're piled up in my attic
    Yet sad to say, my memory
    Becomes e'er more erratic"

  10. My memories are free to fly,
    They're escaping every second
    of every day. My erratic brain,
    like snowflakes,
    would rather dance the day away