Friday, September 9, 2011


The word today is STURIONIC: of or pertaining to the sturgeon
["With its great sturionic strength, it leapt off the hook, never again to be seen."]

Looking for a challenge? Introducing TWERRIFIC TRAVELS. Take this word around the world and tell us about the sights you discovered.

Keep all entries clean, creative, and courteous.
Enjoy the game!

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  1. The sturgeon matures late in life. I'm must be of stutionic nature then. I roe, roe, roe my boat gently down the stream (thanks for the inspiration, David)through the rivers of Belgium, England, and NY but it's a bog in Florida that gets the better of me: the ride from hell that messes up my brain. I've been eating fish oil ever since...

  2. I've just had the paramedic round to see me. Luckily my readings were fairly normal and I won't have to go under the sturgeon's knife (not on this occasion, anyway).

    Sturionic? Cantonese Stur-Fry would be more my thing. When I feel well enough to eat again.

  3. Sturionic Contest - only in Hongkong, it is a contest to debone and eat the most fish using chopsticks.
    Winner gets a silver fish trophy