Monday, September 19, 2011


The word today is APOGEAN : definition

Looking for a challenge? Try a limerick and post it on this blog if it's longer than 140 characters.

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Enjoy the game!

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  1. young lovers meet
    bodies in heat
    not extinct
    reach apogean peak
    ecstasy and bliss

  2. Ann's iPad was her pride and joy
    And played with by her little boy
    Her neighbour was left
    Real shocked by Grand Theft
    "That app! O gee Ann, it's no toy"

  3. my lover Apogean~
    he's handsome, herculean~
    he's european~
    a bit empyrean ~
    we romanced in the caribbean

  4. There was once an apogean sea
    that glittered like a fried scampi.
    I became a mermaid
    among shells made of jade.
    I woke up in my soup made of pea.

  5. There once was an apogean satellite
    That circled the earth so bright
    But as it fell from the sky
    When it could no longer fly
    Its trajectory was quite the sight

  6. The tides were apogean
    The plants were amphigean
    When climatlogists
    Fall for botanists
    Language becomes collegian