Sunday, July 24, 2011


The word today is TOYETIC:

Looking for a challenge? Introducing TWERRIFIC TRAVELS. Take this word around the world and tell us about the sights you discovered.

Keep all entries clean, creative, and courteous.
Enjoy the game!

PS: We welcome all suggestions and comments. Just go to the 'suggestions' page and let us know what you think. For information on how to play the game, please refer to the 'Be Loqwacious' page. Thank you.


  1. I left Earth and flew into the stars
    landed on the planet Mars
    Trying to get a handle on the situation
    I noticed a martian making notations
    I got out slowly to look around
    To see the aliens who stood abound
    They greeted me warmly, surprisingly
    and we talked of how the future could be
    The leader said he had a toyetic souvenir for me
    He took out a doll that looked like E.T.
    I said I must leave and they broke out in song
    back to my capsule, to Earth where I belong

    (and yes, of course I took pictures!!)

  2. The last time I was in Orlando toyetic gifts bloomed like carpets of Jasmin. A Pirate's hat or a Princess' tiara. A mermaid's friend or a Dalmatian's foe. Next time I go there it will be for a Harry Potter mania. Bring over the wands and jelly beans!! :)

  3. I drove my Twoyota all around the world, stopping off at interesting places. I have already mentioned the Twaj Mahal. Now I must mention Universal Studios in the Unitwed Stwates, where they made Toy Story. Clutching my toyetic Buzz Lightyear doll to my heart, I got out of there only having spent one quarter of my life savings. I think I got off lightly.