Monday, July 25, 2011


The word today is RATATOUILLE:

Looking for a challenge? Let's try MASHUPS. Take the word 'ratatouille' and mash it up with any previous LQW word to create a new hilarious term.
[for previous LQW words: go here.]

Keep all entries clean, creative, and courteous. Enjoy the game!

PS: We welcome all suggestions and comments. Just go to the 'suggestions' page and let us know what you think. For information on how to play the game, please refer to the 'Be Loqwacious' page. Thank you.


  1. GAMBOGEATOUILLE - very similar to Ratatouille, but you forgot to screw the top on the turmeric jar properly the last time you used it.

  2. Veneratetouille-- Saying a prayer before concocting your stew.

    Toyeticattouille--a collection of plastic play food featuring stews from the movie about Julia Childs.

  3. Ratatermigant - A woman who throws tomato, eggplants and zucchini at you.

  4. RATAGIRANDOUILLE (ratatouille+girandole)
    a new spin on the old French dish: exactly three aubergines, courgettes, and poivrons are used.More would turn the dish into a ratamerdouille!

  5. Ratatoyetic : A blockbuster play where the main character is a RAT of course who does mischief, he's not a chef

    Scimitartouille : A new sword game using veggies as props. the player with the most slices per veggie wins