Thursday, September 30, 2010


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The word today is 'PIFFLE':

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Enjoy the game!

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  1. The Piffle Chronicle: "Clown starves to death on a diet of baloney sandwiches!"

    Hairy the OsmarClown went bald and hungry as his bologna rolls turned out to be made of baloney. Refuting the truth with a guffaw he continued to live on bull until his early demise last Monday.

  2. The Great Egg Controversy

    Farmers and biologists all over the world are planning to flock to New Jersey today to discuss what has become known as "the great egg controversy".

    "The terminology surrounding chicken eggs has been scrambled for decades, and now it's come to a boil," said Paul. "My tweet about which end of a chicken egg comes out first has really ruffled feathers."

    Apparently, there are no standard terms to distinguish one end of a chicken egg from another. Some suggest pointy and rounded, while others use pointy and pointless, round and rounder, butt plug and ball, and even Little-endian and Big-endian.

    The issue is not just piffle. Dictionaries, encyclopedias, science books, and menus will all need to be updated.

    Chicken Little could not be reached for comment.


    The Piffle Martini

    This martini was created at the Bumbledom Inn by Rocko Gallimaufry. He is quite surprised by its popularity and the Inn has had to order gas masks by the cases to keep up with demand.

    The Piffle Martini

    1 oz sleepdust (ideally from a virgin)
    4 oz Mead
    1 slice of Speck

    Pour the sleepdust and mead into a martini shaker with pyramidal ice cubes. Shake the mixture 58.63 seconds. Strain into a decanter. Decant after 3 minutes and 33 seconds into a gas mask. Top with a slice of speck.

    Since gas masks are hard to clean Rocko recommends you throw out the gas mask after each drink.

    Food pairing: It goes lovely with Wyvern Braised in Pernod and Chloroform (see June 31 edition for the recipe or our website).