Monday, September 27, 2010


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The word today is 'JERSEY':

Looking for a challenge? Monday is "Limerick” day. (How to craft Limerick poetry)

Keep all entries clean, creative, and courteous.
Enjoy the game!

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  1. There once was a cow from Jersey
    that so wanted to climb a tree.
    She started training:
    weight lifting, running.
    And renounced dairy for green tea.

  2. There was a young lady from Jersey
    Who wanted to ferry cross the Mersey
    When she was denied
    A boat ride, she tried
    To buy a plane ticket to Turkey!

  3. There was a young girl from the sea
    Who emerged, quite nakedly
    Oh, what could I do
    I looked at my shoe
    gave her my knitted jersey

  4. A 5-yr-old boy from Wanstead
    Was crying on his little bed
    He just couldn't see
    Because his jersey
    Got stuck halfway onto his head

  5. My favourite jersey is wild!
    I've had it since I was a child
    & though it don't fit
    I won't part with it
    Its loss would make *me* feel defiled

  6. From @19ish:

    From Jersey there once came a cow
    Escaped in the prow of a scow
    To Broadway she hied
    Her acting she plied
    The cow from the scow took a bow.

  7. I'm no scholar from New Jersey
    but I'll happily guarantee
    erudite words and wit
    as long as we don't quit:
    Long live this game that's voting free!

  8. New Jersey is nice as a state
    The skiing and swimming are great
    But the fun I like best
    Whether clothed or undressed
    Is a game that will end with a mate

  9. There was a silly guy from Brazil

    Who wanted to craft a limerick

    But his wish was in vain

    For the door of the furglaine

    Was not wide enough for his brain.

  10. There was a stargazer named Paul
    Communications ten feet tall
    He wrote rhymes on the side
    Behind cartoons he'd hide
    For Jersey ain't that freakin' small

  11. There was a clever Texan guy
    His rhymes are far from gun shy
    How to work Jersey in?
    Never mind, let's drink gin
    And raise our gimlets to the sky

  12. There was a girl by a west sea
    She never made it to Jersey
    Pond-hopped to other lands
    Reckons from where she stands
    New Jersey, 'tis a place to see

  13. There was a dashing Brazilian
    His hairdo one in a million
    He's slick as New Jersey
    And coiffed as can be
    Some might say a shining stallion

  14. There were two smart Aussie siblings
    Their wise words float on angel's wings
    Australia to Jersey
    Cross continent whimsy
    They tweet until the blue bird sings

  15. There is a girl, a gift to me
    Emits a glow, luminous she
    Made this place, loqwacious
    Serves wordplay delicious
    Mighty Maryse, Belgian sweet pea ;)

  16. Once upon a time
    There was a friend of mine
    Who labeled him
    A shining stallion.
    To get the drift
    I had to check a dictionary
    He he he

  17. by @19ish:

    I tried to write a limerick
    I tried to write it very quick
    I spoke of a cow
    A Jersey, oh wow!
    And this is the end of my shtick!